Full Version: Emulators!!! Mount up!
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I have a Droid Incredible and the Genesis emulators are awesome. I've been playing some Castlevania: The New Generation on my phone and it is awesome. A Playstation emulator exists for the phone so I plan on picking that up today. I hope I can play Intelligent Qube (IQ) on this program. It is still one of the best puzzle games ever made. What do you play?
I'd be curious to how the Playstation emulator works. Keep us updated on if it works well or if its not that good. Think I'm going to pick up the genesis and/or the gameboy emulator for my phone.. Something great that an iPhone can't do Wink
The PSX app is having a tough time finding the ROMS I've downloaded. I'll keep trying to get it going but it's not looking promising.
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